4th - 10th March 2021 4th - 10th March 2021
Gliding Club of Victoria - Benalla Gliding Club of Victoria - Benalla
VSA 2021 State Gliding Championships VSA 2021 State Gliding Championships

Photo - Ryan Driscoll


The March 2021 Victorian State Gliding Championships will be hosted by the Gliding Club of Victoria at the Benalla Airport. Practice tasks will be available from Mon 1st to Wed 3rd March. The first competition day will be on Thu 4th March, the last competition day will be Wed 10th March.

The State Championships will be run in accordance with:

Competition Entry

Entries must be made via the entry form which is available here or on the VSA web site.


Payment of the entry fee must be paid in advance, directly to GCV using the bank details advised under the ENTRY section of this website..

Payment before the 7th February will be rewarded with an early bird cost of $100. Payment after this date will be at the full cost of $120.

Tows to 2000 ft AGL will be provided by GCV tugs at a price of $55 each. Purchase will be required in advance at Registration.

Reciprocal membership of GCV will be provide at nil cost.

Registration & Briefings

Registration will be available from Monday 1st of March in the GCV office. Daily weather and task briefings will be held in the State Gliding Centre commencing at 10am.


There will be two classes, Unballasted and Ballasted. Within these groupings, the traditional classes will be scored and trophies awarded based on entry numbers.


All classes will be handicapped. Using the Ballasted and Unballasted handicap list available on the GFA web page.

Turning Point

Competitors are strongly recommended to download the official competition turnpoints from soaring spot see the downloads section.


The publicly available airspace wil apply. Note that there is no buffer zone included so pilots must ensure that they remain outside of controlled airspace as the penalties for infringement are very severe. Apply your own buffer.

Competition Officials

Competition Director Competition Director Competition Director
Terry Cubley Terry Cubley Terry Cubley
Task Setter Task Setter Task Setter
John Orton John Orton John Orton
Weather Weather Weather
Tim Shirley Tim Shirley Tim Shirley
Safety Officer Safety Officer Safety Officer
Garry Cropley Garry Cropley Garry Cropley
Scorer Scorer Scorer
Neil Campbell Neil Campbell Neil Campbell
Registration/Treasurer Registration/Treasurer Registration/Treasurer
Rhonda Gelletly Rhonda Gelletly Rhonda Gelletly

Entry Form

Please use this form to enter


Early Bird Entry Fee (on or before 7th Feb) $100
Entry Fee (after 7th Feb) $120
2000ft Tow (purchased at registration) $55

Electronic Funds Transfer Details

Bank Bendigo Bank
Account Name Gliding Club of Victoria Inc.
BSB 633 000
Account No 166987644

Current Entries


Competition Turnpoint files are available for download from Soaring Spot here

Local Procedures are available for download here

VSA State Rules are available for download here

Australian Nationals Rules V2019 are available for download here

Ballasted Handicaps are available for download here

Unballasted Handicaps are available for download here

Trace File Upload

Website - https://glidingcomp.flights/vsa21/

Please let the scorer know if you want to use email or Oudie Live submission

Email for flight trace submission - vsa21_upload@glidingcomp.flights

Live Tracking

Glide & Seek - Tracking with Task Overlays for both classes

Glide & Seek - Tracking with Task Overlay for unballasted only

Glide & Seek - Tracking with Task Overlay for ballasted only

or your favourite OGN based tracking site such as

Live Glider Tracker

Spot the gliders!

Glider Radar


Results are on SoaringSpot


The GCV Office can help with onsite accommodation options and maybe some others too!

GCV Website - Accommodation Information

Enjoy Benalla Accommodation Search

Photo - Ryan Driscoll


GCV Office - Mon-Fri, 09:00am – 12:00 pm 03 5762 1058
CD Terry Cubley 0408 085 988